New Glarus Home
A Retirement Community  
About Our Community
New Glarus Home is celebrating 50 years of service to our community this year! NGH opened its doors on the 6th of January in 1966, and since has been providing skilled nursing care, independent living and assisted living. New Glarus Home is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and is a CHHSM member. Our philosophy and approach is guided and determined by the spirit of Christ. We are members of the National and State Leading Age Organization, Medicare and Medicaid Certified and are 5 STAR Rated by the Center's for Medicare Services. We are excited to announce the addition of a Nurse Practitioner to our staff, as well as our current plans for expansion
Mission Statement
The Mission of the New Glarus Home and its wider communities, in keeping with the ministry of the United Church of Christ, is to serve all persons, responding to their social, physical, emotional, spiritual and economic needs. 
We are Glarners!
The New Glarus Home is proud to be a part of New Glarus, one of Wisconsin's most popular visitor attractions, widely known as America's "Little Switzerland". Because of our close relationship with the community, we have adopted the Swiss Canton Shield and the traditional mountain flower of Switzerland, the Edelweiss, for our identifying logo. We also draw on the Swiss heritage with the names of our facilities, Glarner Village, Glarner Haus, and Glarner Lodge. Glarner, by the way, is a nickname for the Swiss that come from the Canton of Glarus and anyone from New Glarus. We're all Glarners at New Glarus Home!