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November: We are Thankful and Grateful

Thankful and grateful today and everyday

The crisp air has finally arrived in beautiful New Glarus. As much as I love the sight of fallen snow, I find myself wanting to put that off until we have celebrated Thanksgiving and the peace it brings.

At New Glarus Home, Thanksgiving is a special time in which we reflect on the past year and are humbled and thankful for the generosity of our residents, staff and volunteers who make New Glarus Home what it is today. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

Give thanks for each morning with its light.

Give thanks for rest and shelter of the night.

Give thanks for health and food.

Give thanks for love and friends.

Give thanks for everything thy goodness sends.

We find ourselves thankful for all of these and reflect on our history and of those who cultivated this beautiful gift of providing care and services for older adults. During this season of Thanksgiving, we reflect on our donors who make the mission of New Glarus Home possible. Your contributions have provided support for programing throughout the community and have allowed us to deepen our offerings to the wider base of Green County.

It seems fitting that November is the host of both Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. We are so thankful for the service of our veterans, their courage and sacrifice. We know some paid the ultimate price and we remember them this month and honor our community veterans.

The month of November is National Alzheimer Disease and Diabetes Awareness Month. On New Glarus Home’s Facebook and Twitter pages, we have shared facts and information about Alzheimer’s and diabetes. This important information is geared towards everyone, but especially our residents, employees, and the entire New Glarus community.

In September, New Glarus Home officially opened The Chalet at Glarner Village. We have welcomed many new patients in our post-acute care program and are continuing to deepen our offerings within the Chalet. We have a growing number of community participants who have joined the Chalet Wellness Center for health and fitness classes, and personal training.

The Chalet Wellness Center offers personal training and a variety of classes geared toward older adults in the community. Personal training is a fun and engaging way to exercise. Our certified trainer , Sam Zumdahl, will take you through a variety of exercises that are customized to meet your goals.

Benefits of working with Sam include:

  • Improving your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance

  • Maintaining or improving your level of independence

  • Transitioning from physical therapy back into daily activities

  • Learning proper form to safely exercise

The Chalet Wellness Center classes include Cardio Comb, Stability and Strength, Yoga, and Sit and Be Fit. The Senior Fitness Test is also offered by the Wellness Center and is an evidence-based program that will help you determine your strengths and discover what you could improve upon.

The Chalet Wellness Center offers community memberships, which include unlimited group exercise classes, unlimited usage of fitness equipment, free fitness orientations, free fitness assessments, fun fitness programs, and educational events.

If you would like to tour or make an appointment with Sam, please call her at (608) 636-2445 or email at:

If you are considering making a year-end donation gift to New Glarus Home, please contact our Business Office at 608-527-2126.

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Most Sincerely and Thankful,

Erin Francois

Executive Director and Administrator

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