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January is the month of fresh air and fresh starts.

Winter has definitely arrived here in New Glarus. With these low temperatures looming, it is best to celebrate what makes winter so great here in south central Wisconsin. The lakes freezing over bear an opportunity for ice fishing and skating. The soft snow bears the opportunity to ski and snowmobile on the beautiful trails of Green County. While we know spring will soon arrive, we can celebrate the many gifts that winter brings with it.

New Glarus Home residents and staff celebrated a wonderful Christmas season with many guests and family members visiting and spending time on our campus. We enjoyed carolers, sweet treats, and the joy of each smile and memory shared amongst one another. I cant thank you enough for your visits and good will.

This month is National Blood Donor Month. We have seen first hand the value of the gift of blood to someone who is critically low. Donating is easy. Locally, we are sharing three events in our area. Please consider be a donor.

On Our Campus…

The Chalet at Glarner Village continues to welcome new short-term rehabilitation patients into our program. We continue to partner with Aegis, our therapy partner, to provide the highest level of rehabilitative care possible. The team of physical, occupation, and speech therapy work tirelessly with our patients to get them back to their highest functional level possible. The Wellness Center in the Chalet has welcomed many new guests to the Center for exercise and educational opportunities. Many of those guests comment how valuable their time spent with Sam Zumdahl, our Wellness Coordinator, has turned out to be. This month’s class is on January 17 at 10:30am on the topic of Fall Risk Prevention. You may reserve your spot by calling (608) 636-2445. In February, we will present Heart Health and, in March, we will discuss what a balanced diet really means.

I hope the New Year brings you hope and a promise for being your best self as I try to be each and everyday as I, and my staff, serve your family, friends, and neighbors.

Best Regards,

Erin Francois

Erin Francois

Executive Director

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