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How to give back to our community and support our mission 

We rely on the support of individuals and businesses to fulfill our mission of serving Older Adults by providing care and services. As our residents and patients, needs change, New Glarus Home continues to work hard to provide what they need. Your support helps us meet those needs. Your deductible gift means so much. Not only to us but also the older adults we serve each year.
Call us at 608-527-2126, use our gift form, or give now. 

Areas of Support 

This list contains items that would futher our ability to serve our residents. The purchase of one or more items as a gift to New Glarus Home Inc. We have an amazon wish list as well as an ongoing wishlist. For more information regarding current wishlist items, contact our business office at

608-527-2126 or email

Resident Assistance Fund

This fund subsidizes basic healthcare and living costs for current residents who have outlived their resources. New Glarus Home continues to work to establish and build this restricted fund so that we can become self-sustaining to cover resident needs into the future.

Wishlist Fund

This fund is designated to provide fun and special events for our staff members. Our staff cannot accept tips and gratuities, and we know that we have families who want to recognize and treat the wonderful staff at New Glarus Home. 

The Community Fund

Coming Soon - This fund will finance all programming and special events that will take place for all our residents and community beneficiaries. We invest these gifts wisely to provide a benefit to as many people as possible. This fund may also support the Resident Aid Fund as it is able. 

Staff Appreciation Fund

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