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Available Services:

Our Partners:

Wellness Membership

Membership to the wellness program includes unlimited group exercise classes, unlimited usage of fitness equipment, free fitness orientations, free fitness assessments, fun fitness programs, and educational events. 

Community Members:

Individual Membership: $30/month    Couple’s membership: $53/month

New Glarus Retirement Community Campus: 

Individual Membership: FREE!

Personal Training Sessions

Why Use a Personal Trainer?

Take the guess work out of exercise. Personal training is a fun and engaging way to exercise. The certified trainer will take you through a variety of exercises that are customized to meet your goals.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer: 

•   Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance

•   Maintain or improve your level of independence

•   Transition from physical therapy back into daily activities

•   One-on-one guidance from an experienced professional

•   Learn proper form and safely exercise

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