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Wellness Membership

Membership to the wellness program includes unlimited group exercise classes, unlimited usage of fitness equipment, free fitness orientations, free fitness assessments, fun fitness programs, and educational events. 

Community Members:

Individual Membership: $30/month    Couple’s membership: $53/month

New Glarus Retirement Community Campus: 

Individual Membership: FREE!

Personal Training Sessions

Why Use a Personal Trainer?

Take the guess work out of exercise. Personal training is a fun and engaging way to exercise. The certified trainer will take you through a variety of exercises that are customized to meet your goals.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer: 

•   Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance

•   Maintain or improve your level of independence

•   Transition from physical therapy back into daily activities

•   One-on-one guidance from an experienced professional

•   Learn proper form and safely exercise

Senior Fitness Testing


Why Should I Participate?
The Senior Fitness Test is evidence based and will help you determine your strengths and discover what you could improve upon.


What Do You Test?

  • Upper body strength (carry your groceries)

  • Lower body strength (climb the stairs)

  • Flexibility (reach into that top cabinet)

  • Endurance (walk further)

  • Balance (avoid a fall)


How Long Will It Take?
Expect to spend 20 - 30 minutes with our team.

Fitness Classes

Sit and Be Fit: This class is designed for individuals who need to remain seated for their workout, including individuals who utilize a wheelchair for mobility. Exercises in this class will be a combination of strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility exercises.


Stability & Stretch: This 30 minute class focuses on improving your balance and flexibility. It is a nice complement to the cardio combo our other classes, or can be done as a standalone class.  Assisted devices may be used in this class.


Cardio Combo: This low-impact aerobic workout is designed to work your heart and lungs. We will do series of activities to increase your heart rate followed by periods of active recovery. This class is a great way to build your cardiovascular endurance. 

Functional Strength: This class will help you build the strength and flexibility you need to complete your day to day activities. This class will utilize free weights and resistance bands and a combination of seated and standing exercises that will work your entire body.

Chair Yoga: This chair-based class works on core strength, posture, flexibility, and balance through a combination of seated and standing poses followed by a time of relaxation and deep breathing. 


Beginner Mat Yoga: This yoga class will be a beginner level flow class. While some of the exercises will be similar to the chair yoga class, there will be additional more challenging poses added to this class. This class will be done on the mat, so participants will need to be able to get up and down off the floor.


Mat Pilates: This 30 minute class is focused on strengthening your core muscles,and improving your posture and flexibility. This class is a mat based class, so participants need to be able to get up and down from the floor.